Katie is 8 months old!

Hello from Windy Wellington! We are in the middle of our first week here in New Zealand, and guess who just celebrated her 8th month: Miss Katie of course! We are still on tourist-mode, exploring the city, so this will be a short one.

Katie at 8 months

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Katie is Seven Months Old!

Time is flying really fast, right? Today, Katie is seven months old! This month is a bit hectic for us as we are packing up things for our big move abroad. This is the last time I am writing her updates from the Philippines. Next month, her photos will be taken from our new home. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s talk about what the little miss has been doing lately .


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Six Useful Tips for Traveling with Baby

My research mode was on overdrive a month before our first international trip with Katie. I wanted to make sure that we won’t have any unfortunate incidents during the trip. Thankfully, the Internet does not lack information on travelling with baby.

Travel with baby

Have baby, will travel!

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Katie is Six Months Old!

I’m a bit late in posting this as I needed to recover from writing about our Italy trip. Sorting through all those pictures was exhausting! But it was good to relive the trip.

This March, Katie celebrates her 6th month! Woohoo!


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Katie is Five Months Old!

Katie turned five months old last week. Taking a picture of her for this series is getting harder–this little lady likes to move!


She is a few days away from going on her first international trip, Italy to be exact. For the past few weeks, I have been reading up on information about travelling with an infant. So much information out there on the Internet, it can get quite confusing. At this point, I already have a list of things we need to bring to keep her comfortable and entertained. We are going on a 14 hour flight from Manila to London, so I am quite anxious about that.

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Katie is Four Months Old!

Happy New Year, guys! This is a slightly delayed post because I’ve been having trouble with Internet at home. Anyway, Katie turned 4 months old! This little girl was busy over the holidays, meeting family in Manila. There are also quite a few exciting developments these past few weeks.


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